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Arma-Da Tekstil has roughly 50 employees and a considerable number of high speed multi-bar electronic ML-46 machines and electronically modified multibar lace machines as well the chain-link multi-bar lace machines chiefly producing stable lace articles for the garment industry.

Our customers are mainly fabric wholesalers and the local making-up manufacturers of whom some work for European brand suppliers. Our customers appreciate the high quality, the fancy designs as well as the excellent appearance and workmanship of the lace articles produced by Arma-Da Tekstil, as well as the prompt deliveries and reliability.

The majority of our products are made from cotton. Roughly 90% of the machines are processing this natural spun yarn, thus, ensuring steady sales figures since for Arma-Da Tekstil the cotton business is not a niche business but a reliable market with a constant demand, also in the long term.

The lace articles are produced mainly on allover basis, but trimming laces are also as well provided, and most of the designs are kept in stocks for ready deliveries.


Arma-Da Tekstil was set up as family-run enterprise in the year 2002. The company started import of lace articles and provided to the textile industry the continuity of the products quality-wise and pricewise and most importantly could meet the customers' requirements promptly through the well-established stock management system.

Only four years after production start-up, the company took over a warp-knitting mill that used multi-bar Raschel machines, and started to manufacture lace articles made from cotton - a step that caused a rapid growth. Based on the success in cotton processing and due to the factory extension and to meet increasing Customers' demands and requirements Arma-Da Tekstil managed to triple its production capacities between 2010 and 2011.

In 2013-2014, Arma-Da Tekstil has invested in new machines of multibar high speed ML-46 series and meantime some of the pattern chain link machines have been modified to electronically controlled state of the art version.

These investments have provided Arma-Da Tekstil considerable flexibility during patterning and shorter delivery periods for the customers asking for mass volume orders.

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